…many things which happen in the world have their power, political systems have their power, even art movements have their power because there is some seed of truth in them. And if you don’t understand what that seed of truth is and how it got mixed up with error, what in it is genuine, what in it is fake, you will not be able to be living in the world today; and a Christian lives in the world.

Fr. Seraphim (Rose)

Remembering Sion is a collection of essays, sermons and commentary on Orthodox Christianity and the modern world. It is intended, in the words of Fr. Seraphim (Rose), “to give one a perspective on those things which are happening in the world today which we come across in our daily experience, every one of which has a philosophical undercurrent… even in turning away from them and not exposing ourselves to temptation as much as possible, we have to understand why they are that way, why, what is happening.”

Topics include contemporary church life, evangelism, culture, history, philosophy, theology, education, politics, and current events. Each article is intended to help Orthodox Christians to keep the faith amidst the apostasy of the modern world.

The author is a hieromonk of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, and at all times strives to faithfully transmit the authentic teachings of Holy Orthodoxy. Nevertheless, he also sometimes discusses issues which go beyond the scope of dogma. In such cases his opinions are his own, and he does not claim to speak authoritatively on behalf of the Church.


Please be aware that the author is a Orthodox priest-monk living in a cenobitic monastery, and his primary obligations are monastic prayer and obediences. He will reply to any correspondence if and when time permits. Thank you for your understanding!

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